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Horses on the move

  • 23-12-2014
Well this morning Sunday 23rd November was time to move the herd back to their 16 acre field, it wasn't too far, but nine horses to move on a very narrow lane with cars which tend to tear along it.  It was a militry operation getting the horses ready to move, they had to be moved in two batches which cause the horses left behind to panic thinking their friends were being taken away.  Dee decided to take the horses which she knew would be trouble to move first.  It was a quarter of a mile hike to the new field, and some of that was up hill so good excersie as well as trying to control the horses.
Thanks go out to all the people who turned out to help move the horses, they were.  Dee, Gina, Paul, Barbra, Debbie, Richard, Helen, Lucy, Tracy
The weather was not too bad a little bit of drizzle which made things a little messy as you could imagine.  It was great to see the herd back in their field and their friends which are in the next field came up to welcome them back.
Click on the link to see the photo's of the move.
If you are in the Warminster vicinity and feel you would like to be more involved, and perhaps join our team, please call Dee on 01373 832484.