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PHAASE in the news 2007

  • 20-11-2014

Horse sanctuary faces cash crisis


by John Ballard 8:03am Thursday 1st February 2007 in News

A SANCTUARY providing a home for old and abandoned horses could be forced to close unless more money is found to pay for their food and treatment.

Mrs Shaw, who has been caring for horses for nearly 30 years, says her mounting vet bills and food costs mean she will not be able to continue unless a substantial amount of extra money can be raised.

She said: "I reckon I need around £400 a month just to keep us going and although we get a base income from people who ride some of the horses, most of the horses are retired so people can't ride them, which means we don't get money from them.

"A few years ago nine or 10 of the horses were ridden so then we were able to keep ticking over but it is now very difficult.

"We are okay for support physically because I have a few people who help out, but it's the money we need because my vet bill is running into four figures."

PHAASE is currently home to 13 horses and at full capacity can cater for around 20.

Many come to the sanctuary because their owners cannot look after them any longer.

Mrs Shaw rents the land where they are kept as well as a stable further down the lane, but most are not stabled.

Every day she goes to feed the animals at around 6.30am and has to juggle her time between the horses as well as her job.

"It is not really an ideal situation because with just renting the land we could have to leave at short notice," said Mrs Shaw. "We get the odd donation but with more we could make improvements and buy our own land which would give us more stability."

With larger animal sanctuaries money often pours in from dedicated supporters, but Mrs Shaw believes PHAASE suffers from a lack of funding because it is not very well known and does not get the same amount of publicity as other centres.

Anybody interested in becoming a monthly sanctuary sponsor or join fundraising can contact Mrs Shaw on 07722 813565.